Effectuation Stories

          Case studies, lessons and stories about Effectuation!

          Enter a Door to the Future - Manga Effectuation!

          The passion for scholars and educators in Japan for Effectuation and Young Adults has resulted in...

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          Collaborative Dynamics at the Forefront: A Glimpse into the 2023 EffectuationConference in Gdańsk

          Introduction: A Convergence of Minds and Methods The 2023 Effectuation Conference in Gdańsk stood...

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          Effectuation Rio - A Recap

          NEW To view a selection of videos from the conference in Rio click the links below!!


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          Encuentro de emprendimientos brasileños de favelas, de la Amazonía y centros de investigación 

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          Zen Garden and Effectuation

          The Following is a summary of an effectual Case study of Zen Gardens. Written by Nobuo Kanai for...

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          Ice Man Cometh - the Story of ICEHOTEL

          Yngve Berqvist used his skills and contacts to create his unique ICEHOTEL. Stuart Read and Saras...

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          Looking to drive innovation?  Create a Market of Makers

          How do you turn any organization into a team of innovators? By creating a market for ideas using...

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          Entrepreneurship, Effectuation and Social Dynamism in Brazil

          In recent decades, a renewed perspective has been given to the role of entrepreneurship in the...

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