An Entrepreneur's Toolkit

          We can all be entrepreneurs, don't take our word for it, that's what the data says.  But you still might wonder "What to do next?" so we've put together a few tools to start with.

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          Take the First Step

          From Robert Wilbank, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship Professor and Researcher here are 10 easy first steps you can take on your venture.Access the Venture Blueprint -  10 Easy Steps to Effectuate


          Download This Effectuation Canvas

          2023 Effectuation Canvas from


          Here are few Explainer Videos

          The Myths of Entrepreneurship:


          A Video about the whole Effectual Cycle


          Check out a couple of these videos of effectual entrepreneurs

          As you watch Daymond John, one of the sharks from Shark Tank tell his story to Inc Magazineโ€™s Scott Gerber, notice the difference between Scottโ€™s causal questions and Daymondโ€™s effectual answers :-)

          In this excerpt from CBSโ€™ 60 Minutes, see how far an effectual ask can take you, even if your business is just making pickles in a small town.


          When it comes to creating more entrepreneurs how does the number half a million sound?  Watch Professor Sarasvathy interview Helena Casanovas Vieira who did exactly that through the organization she co-founded in Brazil Alianca Empreendedora.  


          Take a deeper dive by reading a few academic articles

          These articles about Effectuation are a good balance of theory and practice.

          1. Read the original journal article that launched Effectuation by Professor Sarasvathy
            PDF 50X50-12001 Sarasvathy AMR Article Link

          2. In the Effectuation MOOC Professor Sarasvathy introduced a framework to understand the interaction between prediction and control.  Dive further into prediction and control and how entrepreneurs use non-predictive control in their planning.
            PDF 50X50-12006 Wiltbank SMJ What to do Next Article Link

            Predict Control 2X2 Matrix
          3. Would you like to apply the Prediction Control framework to negotiation?
            PDF 50X50-12022 Sarasvathy and Botha Negotiation Journal Article Link

          4. Think that venture investors are more sophisticated than Angels and gain superior returns?  Think again.  If you are raising money here is some important research to keep in mind when deciding where to go for funding.
            PDF 50X50-12009 Wiltbank JBV Angel Article Link

          5. Social media has become fertile ground for entrepreneurship with influencer posts, blogging, videos and channels emerging as both the most dynamic and the most effectual.
            PDF 50X50-12017 Gustafson JBV Social Media Article Link



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