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          We teach science to everyone, not just scientists, so why do we think that entrepreneurship education is only for entrepreneurs?  Entrepreneurial thinking can help us face the greatest challenges in our world today - poverty, climate change, AI.  We're on a mission to teach everyone entrepreneurship - primary school students, grad students, high school students and adult learners. 


          Videos about using Effectuation in Policy Making

          • Watch UVA Darden Professor Saras Sarasvathy deliver policy recommendations as the Schumpeter lecture in the annual EU SME Assembly for Entrepreneurship in Bilbao, Spain.
          • Here is a webinar for policy makers that Professor Sarasvathy presented to the World Bank

          Policy Reports citing or studying Effectuation

          • USAID Report - Study on the use of Effectuation Theory in Youth Entrepreneurship Education and Training Programs - Read the Report 
            START THEIR BUSINESS - View Summary Brief
          • USAID Report Advocating for Effectuation Education in Central America - Read the Report
          • Denmark reformed their Educational Program for K-Undergraduate to include Entrepreneurship Education based upon Effectuation - View Report
          • The Youth Business International Report details the adoption of Effectuation curriculum at scale by NGO's in countries around the world - View Report
          • "Education and Entrepreneurship" in The Swedish Economic Forum Report 2019 - View Report
          • "An Effectual Analysis of Markets and States" in Questioning the Entrepreneurial State - View Report
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          Short Articles for Teaching Effectuation in Public Policy Programs

          Journal Articles About Effectuation in Public Policy

          • The Middle Class of Business- Endurance as a Dependent Variable in Entrepreneurship - Read the Article
          • What does it take to encourage entrepreneurship?  Often surprisingly small policy investments.  In "The Market for Entrepreneurs" the authors use conjoint analysis to identify what's important for entrepreneurs for them to take the plunge - Read the Article
          • Entrepreneurship as Method - Read the Article
          An Effectual Model of Collective Action for Addressing Sustainability Challenges - Read the Article
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          Entrepreneurship Education for All

          We are on a mission to dramatically expand entrepreneurship education.  Want to co-create with us and we help shape education policy?  Drop us a line!