Effectuation Rio 2022

          December 5-8, 2022

          Effectuation Rio

          Effectuation Rio was a big success.  Read a summary of the event by Patty Cabero here (english, espanol, portuguese)

          Join us for the "Effectuation in Rio" conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 5-8 December 2022 with Professor Saras Sarasvathy in-person. Professor Sarasvathy is a leading scholar in Entrepreneurship and the creator of Effectuation, research-based, learnable entrepreneurship principles that are practiced by Expert Entrepreneurs. Sarasvathy is the Paul Hammaker Professor at Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, United States, and the Jamuna Raghavan Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
          For the first time in Rio, Professor Saras Sarasvathy engages with Brazilian entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovation professionals from academia, industry, consulting, and the public sector in a truly diverse event with people attending from across the country. This conference will emphasize in-person participation. However, a limited number of selected sessions will be designated hybrid in order to enable virtual participation. 
          Registration link (in-person participation): https://linktr.ee/ltds.ufrj 
          For people outside Rio de Janeiro, we recommend accommodation at the Windsor Florida hotel - Rua Ferreira Viana, 81 - Flamengo, RJ - Phone: +55(21) 2195-6800. https://windsorhoteis.com/hotel/windsor-florida

          Organizing Committee (LTDS at Production Engineering Program (PEP) COPPE UFRJ):

          Roberto Bartholo, Full professor
          Aline Brufato, PhD candidate
          Isabella Nunes Pereira, Ph.D
          Eneide Maia, Doctoral student
          Edney Sanchez, Doctoral student
          Francisco Duarte, Professor and coordinator of PEP

          Stakeholders Committee:

          COPPE (The Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering) - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

          FINEP - Brazilian Innovation Agency - Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

          FAPERJ (Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Supporting Research in the State of Rio de Janeiro) - Rio de Janeiro State Department for Science and Technology (SECT-RJ) 

          Download the Full Program:

          PDF 50X50-1Effectuation Rio Program