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          Looking to drive innovation?  Create a Market of Makers

          How do you turn any organization into a team of innovators?  By creating a market for ideas using the Market of Makers process. The Market of Makers was created by Michael Faschingbauer and Renรฉ Mauer. One of their colleagues, Sophia Braun, details the process, the project and the outcomes when the process, an adaption of Effectuation to Intrapreneurship, was used in a large German Multinational.  As a result of the process,  71 team members from the company were able to create teams around 23 different ideas or speedboats (read the article to understand why) and traverse from idea creation to  implementation to reporting outcomes in 90 days.

          Speedboat Wake

          To learn more, read the article by Sophia Braun on Medium - Article Link

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