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Effectuation is on the cover of Inc. Magazine

Effectuation was featured as the cover article of Inc. Magazine on Feb 1, 2011.  The article includes extensive quotes with Professor Sarasvathy, a history of her discovery of Effectuation, along with case studies and links to learn more about Effectuation. 

See the article here by Editor at Large Leigh Buchanan here - Article Reprint Download.

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Loosen The Reins Without Losing Control

On page 90 of his book Corporate Effectuation, a big challenge is made to the author, Thomas...

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Like Science, even entrepreneurship should be taught at the school level: Darden Prof Saras D Sarasvathy

When Saras D Sarasvathy wanted to pursue a PhD in Entrepreneurship in the US, people said that it...

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UVA Darden Professor Saras Sarasvathy Wins 2022 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

Groundbreaking effectuation model secures foremost international prize in field

University of...

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