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          “Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship”



          Environmental issues, poverty, inequality, corruption and social discontent are intricately linked with business activity, and as such, they cannot be disentangled or addressed in isolation. The needs to understand the Earth and its limited resources, security for humankind and justice for society mean that the demand for social science knowledge is increasing. The fact that sustainability and ethics are intertwined with the concepts of business and organizations (including NGOs) is no longer new. Indeed, ethical choices are critical to any business activity and thus influence how startups, small firms, medium enterprises, and large, multinational corporations-whether those are for profit or not- influence the sustainability of the environment and society. We actually suggest that sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship triangulate and give meaning to every ecological consideration, social value, and economic opportunity. The goal of the symposium, then, is to advance knowledge about the meaning and intersection of sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship. When Internal Representation Leads to Faultlines: A Study of Board Performance in Social EnterprisPresenter: Saskia Crucke; Ghent U.Presenter: Mirjam Knockaert; Ghent U.Crowding Out Effects of Well-Intended Environmental PoliciesPresenter: Richard Hunt; Virginia Polytechnic InstitutePresenter: Bret Ryan Fund; U. of Colorado, BoulderHow Social Entrepreneurs Facilitate the Adoption of New Industry PracticesPresenter: Theodore L. Waldron; Baylor U.Presenter: Greg Fisher; Indiana U.Presenter: Michael D. Pfarrer; U. of GeorgiaA Theoretical Exploration of Why Firms Delay Reaching True SustainabilityPresenter: Anton Shevchenko; Concordia U.Presenter: Moren Levesque; York U.Presenter: Mark Pagell; U. College Dublin”Environmental Entrepreneurship: Identity Coupling, Venture Goals, and Stakeholder Incentives”Presenter: Jeffrey G. York; U. of Colorado, BoulderPresenter: Isobel O’Neil; The U. of NottinghamPresenter: Saras D. Sarasvathy; U. of VirginiaKicking Off Social Entrepreneurship: How a Sustainability Orientation Influences CrowdfundingPresenter: Goran Calic; Purdue U.Presenter: Elaine Mosakowski; Purdue U.Selling Issues With Solutions: Igniting Social Intrapreneurship in For-Profit OrganizationsPresenter: Elisa Alt; Anglia Ruskin U.Presenter: Justin B Craig; Northwestern Kellogg School of ManagementSocial Enterprise Emergence from Social Movement Activism: The Fairphone CasePresenter: Ona Akemu; Erasmus U. RotterdamPresenter: Gail Whiteman; Erasmus U. RotterdamPresenter: Steve Kennedy; Rotterdam School of Management

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