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          Effectual Exchange: From Entrepreneurship to the Disciplines and Beyond


          Stuart Read Saras Sarasvathy René Mauer Gry Agnete Alsos Tommy Høyvarde Clausen

          Reflecting on the 12 works that compose this special issue, we are struck by the distinctiveness of effectuation as a theory native to the domain of entrepreneurship. While theoretical perspectives from disciplines including economics, psychology, and sociology have been applied to understanding the new venture phenomenon, entrepreneurship scholars have historically had little to offer in return beyond the testing bed. The authors in this special issue begin to make the case for transforming the bed into fertile soil in which the disciplines can grow and bear new fruit. Moreover, uncertainty, co-creation, resources, goals, and control all represent important and current issues in management, marketing, organizations, finance, and operations. Effectuation has something new to offer each of these. In this article, we summarize what we learn from the works in the special issue in order to construct a research agenda that can move effectuation from entrepreneurship to the disciplines and beyond into new futures. Link To File: https://rdcu.be/boewC

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