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          Fatemah kahrarian Fakhraddin maroofi Farajolalah rahimi

          Several investigator assert that capitalist do not require administrator process to gather and use market information; others put forward that the employ of administrator market information process is absolutely associated to firm presentation. In this document, we produce a hypothesis that new business enterprise performance is a mounting work of (1) the firm's level of customer interaction and (2) the use of official procedure for collecting and utilizing market information. We also create a theory that this link will be stronger surrounded by new business enterprises serving developing markets .We experiment these hypotheses by means of data composed from 112 new business enterprise located in the West of Iran. Our findings show that, in any case of market condition, official process for the buildup of market information are completely connected with the use of administrator procedure for souk information employment and this relationship is stronger among firms serving recognized markets. In addition, new business enterprise performance is certainly linked with the use of official course of action for utilizing market information and this association is also stronger in familiar markets. We also discover that, in developing markets, new business enterprise performance is an optimistic work of the employ of official practice for brings together market information. As contrasting to expectations, we discover that, in any case of market situation, the height of client communication has an unenthusiastic relationship with the employ of administrator process for market in sequence employment and no imperative association with presentation.

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