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          BUSINESS POLICY AND STRATEGY Conference Paper Abstracts.



          This section presents abstracts of several business policy and strategy conferences held in the U.S. as of August 2003. ‘Complementary Resources and the Prediction of Post-Acquisition Performance,’ by David R. King, Rebecca J. Slotegraaf, Idalene F. Kesner and Tom Lenz shows that acquisitions, on average, do not improve firm performance. ‘Exploring Competing Motivations Behind the Acquisition of High-Technology Targets,’ by David R. King represents a significant contribution by demonstrating conflicting findings in existing merger and acquisition research may result from alternate motivations behind merger and acquisition activity. ‘Strategic Inertia Determinants: Analyzing the Size, Middle Manager, and Competitive Intensity Mix,’ by Willie Edward Hopkins, Ajay Menon, Christian Homburg and Shirley Ann Hopkins, revisits firm size as a determinant of strategic inertia. ‘Restructuring in Japanese Companies: Foreign Ownership, Strategic Investments, and Firm Performance’ by Parthiban David, Toru Yoshikawa and Abdual A. Rasheed shows that foreign ownership leads to reduction in research and development and capital expenditures as well as improvement in performance, especially for firms with high free cash flow that are likely to have the most severe agency problems.

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