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          Lessons from Expert Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship Policy Makers


          Saras Sarasvathy, World Bank

          In the last two decades, effectual entrepreneurship, a cognitive-theoretic approach to action in high-uncertainty environments, has been successfully implemented in universities around the world. This approach spells out particular lessons learned by expert entrepreneurs that can be taught in a classroom. In addition to university courses, efforts are under way to create programs for K-12 and in fields outside business, such as the arts, engineering, and social/public sector. For the webinar, Dr. Sarasvathy will elaborate on five specific policy implications based on effectual entrepreneurship. These can be summarized as follows: Teach entrepreneurship to everyone, not only to potential entrepreneurs Collect data on exits Focus on growing the middle class of businesses, not gazelles Create an experienced entrepreneur corps of mentors Learn to think about employment differently Put simply, effectuation enables anyone and everyone to work with things already within their control to co-create a better future. For info on course content and supporting research: effectuation.org

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