EFFECTUATION: Lessons from Expert Entrepreneurs

Learn Why and How Everyone can Learn to Be an Entrepreneur from World-Renowned Expert - Professor Saras Sarasvathy
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Course Description

Learn and Apply the Practices of Expert Entrepreneurs

Based on Decades of research including in depth studies of how Expert Entrepreneurs think and take action, Effectuation: Lessons from Expert Entrepreneurs dispels the myths around Entrepreneurship that keep many people from taking the plunge. 

Study and startup for the cost of a pair of hardcover books.

Teaching Effectuation or Entrepreneurship?  Professor Sarasvathy's course is designed to complement your existing teaching

Researching Entrepreneurship? The course includes an introduction into Effectuation scholarship and recent research activity

Professor Sarasvathy is a 5-time Entrepreneur and the Creator of Effectuation

Early Feedback About Effectuation: Lessons from Expert Entrepreneurs

"I have been working with and researching Effectuation for the last 5 years and still found lots of helpful ideas in the course"