Effectuation 2023 Gdansk

          Building the Global Effectual Classroom

          8th Effectuation Conference

          Call for Papers/Submissions



          Effectuation 2023 will be held November 13-14, 2023 in Gdansk, Poland


          We accept three kinds of submissions for conference attendance:

          1. Research orientation: submit an academic paper (maximum of 30 pages) or extended abstract (7-10 pages). Papers can be fully developed but we particularly encourage the submission of working papers that can benefit from our interactive workshop format.
          2.  Teaching or practice orientation: please submit a 3-7 page description or design of a practice you have used or are planning to use. That could be a teaching practice, a tool, a group format, an intervention design, a course schedule or even a description of a consulting case. Please describe your experiences and list potential questions for discussion. We will consider the best teaching practice exercises to be carried in plenary during the conference.
          3. Case study: As we update the current edition of the โ€œEffectual Entrepreneurshipโ€ textbook, we are accepting case study submissions (3-7 pages) envisaging a potential book contribution.
          All types of papers should be submitted via the form below. Authors can send multiple types of submissions. Please indicate the track(s) you are submitting for (Practice/Teaching, Research, or Case Study) when you submit your work.


          You donโ€™t have a submission but would like to join us anyway? Here are a few options:

          Doctoral Students. Please submit a research statement (3-7 pages) explaining how your research plans and aspirations will benefit from a closer look at the conference and how they contribute to the development of  effectuation theory and practice. We will offer a reduced rate to doctoral students who also commit to share with the community their notes on the research and practice pod discussions.

          Other Interested Scholars, Public Policy Makers and Entrepreneurs. Please submit a short statement in the form below explaining what attracts you to join our community, what you think you can benefit from participating in the conference, and how you may contribute to the development of  effectuation theory and practice.

          All submissions should be sent via our conference page form below for that purpose (www.effectuation.org). Authors can send multiple types of submissions; for research, teaching/practice, and case study, co-authors should commit to join the conference since these kinds of submissions are discussed live in a small pod. 

          Other questions and enquiries should be sent to the organizers via email (conference@effectuation.org).

          Important Deadlines:

          Paper submission: May 31, 2023 REVISED

          Author notification: July 31, 2023

          Registration opens: August 15, 2023

          Registration closes: September 30, 2023

          Conference logistics and submission instructions can be found at Link. Note that the submission deadline is now May 31, 2023.

          We hope our intense, but rewarding program encourages you to come join us. We look forward to seeing you in Gdansk!

          2023 Conference Submission

          Please complete the form below and include your submission materials.

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